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About Yo Yo Hosting

Our Team

Unlike some of the “mega-brands” that have thousands of employees, Yo Yo Hosting is a team of roughly 15 people who deeply care about your website and your needs. We treat each customer with the utmost respect as they were our mother. You’re not just a number to us, you’re part of the Yo Yo Hosting family.

Control Panels

We run the industry standard control panels for web and VPS hosting. We do this for various reasons but we want to make it easy on you, our customer, to manage their website and not have to re-learn a control panel when you switch to us.


How does 96GB of RAM, Dual E5 CPU and Enterprise level SSD drives sound? Yeah, we like the sound of that too. We run top of the line SuperMicro gear in a clustered configuration.


We’re privately owned and have been growing since day one we started this business back in 2009. We have no debt, and put all revenue back into the business to continue to offer new features to our customers.


Support is the biggest factor when it comes to choosing a web hosting provider. We only hire people who have a passion for web hosting. We firmly believe you have to love what you do in order to be good at it.


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There are thousands of web hosting providers, here are a few things that make us unique from the rest.

Domains & Emails

Navigating through our control panel (cPanel) makes adding new domain and email accounts a piece of cake.

Unlimited Bandwidth

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High Quality Equipment

High Quality hardware for all our servers including enterprise-grade SSD drives, 36G of memory and dual CPUs.

Fast Load Time

With our customized versions of LiteSpeed, PHP, and MySQL - your website will be blazing fast regardless of how many visitors you receive.

Support 24/7

We have technicians around the clock 24/7/365, waiting to help you out.
Our average response time is less than 20 minutes.

Easy Installation

Want to run one of the popular scripts such as WordPress, Joomla or many others? Not a problem with our one-click installer. You'll be up and running within minutes.

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